Semi-permanent makeup is being called in various terms such as Permanent Makeup, Micro-Pigmentation, Cosmetic Tattoo, Contour Makeup, etc., and with time, it has become a method of make-up that is loved by more and more women in more countries. Based on the latter half of the 1990s, we have developed many kinds of products, developed coloring materials, and developed many technicians. Through the 2000s, we have developed to more advanced and safe product systems and technologies. However, semi-permanent make-up depends on the skill of the technician who is performing the procedure. Therefore, it is the basis of the success of the procedure to choose the place where experienced and safe operation is possible.

Key points for successful semi-permanent makeup


Balanced Design


However natural the procedure looks, it cannot be called a successful procedure unless the balances of both sides are equal. Everyone’s face is asymmetrical, finding the hidden balance of the asymmetric face and finding the design that fits the shape of the face is the first requirement of a successful eyebrow, eye line and lip treatment semi-permanent makeup. BBPM’s design know-how gained from numerous customers over a long period of time based on design, colour, make-up, and constantly striving, is a competitive strength of BBPMC that no one can imitate.

Choosing the right colour for your skin tone


BBPMC’s color system is based on proven safe colors that have been used for many years by many technicians and have been proven through many clinical experiences. By retaining various colors, accurately diagnosing skin color of the customer, and anticipating the resultant color, we will keep our customers safe from discoloration and pigmentation irregularities immediately after the procedure and over time. BBPMC’s long experience and knowledge in color promise to our customers, successful semi-permanent make-up procedures.

Techniques based on rich experience


Techniques in semi-permanent make-up include design technique, colour technique, technique as practical treatment and technique for customer. Technique is something that cannot be expressed without long-term experience and accurate knowledge, and if a single technique is lacking, no satisfactory results can be obtained. Design techniques, colour techniques, and practical techniques are very basic techniques that practitioners must have, and even if these three are well equipped, the results will not be satisfactory if there is not enough technique when practicing on the customer. BBPMC’s technique always thinks of the customer’s position which is another competitiveness of BBPMC that no one can follow.