Eye line semi-permanent makeup is good for such people

Eye line semi-permanent make-up is a procedure that can cover the shortcomings of your eyes according to the shape of the thickness, length, and shape of the end of the eye line and can show the pros of your eyes.


Eye line semi-permanent makeup treatment method 

Deep Black Eye Line

1. Method of filling gaps between eyelashes and connecting them
2. Adjust the thickness and length according to the shape of eyes and customer’s demand 
3. Procedures that can improve clarity, volume of eyelashes and etc. 

#Thin Line
Produces crisp, clear and eyes that look natural

eyeline-before after

#Thick Line
Determines thickness according to customer’s demand and make-up style. This procedure is performed when you want to correct your eye line, and it is a treatment method that can compensate for shortcomings such as narrow eyes, eyes that are pulled downward, or slanting eyes.


Tear Line

1. Method that treats the under part of where the eyelashes are grown
2. Deep and clear eye effect and naturalness


Under Line


Finish Line



BBPMC will provide you with the ideal semi-permanent make-up treatment, which can accurately diagnose your face shape and skin tone through counselling and recommend the appropriate treatment method to harmonise with your overall image to create an ideal semi-permanent makeup treatment.

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