Lip semi-permanent makeup is good for these people.

Lip semi-permanent make-up is one of the many procedures of semi-permanent make-up that cannot be accomplished without the experience and the rich knowledge of experts. It is the most important point in the Lip semi-permanent make-up procedure to accurately understand the skin tone of the customer and to select and perform the procedure to accurately determine the expected colour that can be obtained after the procedure. You can also improve your outcomes by providing your clients with accurate information about the various situations that may arise after the procedure.


Lip semi-permanent makeup treatment method

Lips that look sick without colour

It improves the balance of the overall facial contour by arranging irregular lip lines neatly and aligning the balances of both sides of the lips.


Dark pigmented lips

It changes the dark lips to a bright tone to brighten the impression of the entire face. 


If your lip line is not sharp or your lips are not balanced

Produce natural lips like putting on tint. 



BBPMC will provide you with the ideal semi-permanent make-up treatment, which can accurately diagnose your face shape and skin tone through counselling and recommend the appropriate treatment method to harmonise with your overall image to create an ideal semi-permanent makeup treatment.

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