Who is eyebrow semi-permanent makeup good for?

Eyebrows are the roofs of the face, and when the position and shape of the roof is well positioned, the overall contour and image of the face can be upgraded.


Eyebrows Semi-permanent makeup procedure

The most basic method of semi-permanent makeup

Shadowing / Blocking

1. The most basic method of semi-permanent makeup
2. If your eyebrows are not well balanced or if your eyebrows are very thin
3. The advantage of fading most naturally over time without smudging 


A procedure in which each hair is drawn one by one according to one’s eyebrow hairs

Natural Eyebrows / Embroidery Eyebrows(embossed) / 3D / Feathering

1. Although the terms are different, they all mean the same procedure 
2. A procedure in which each hair is drawn on one by one according to one’s eyebrow hairs 
3. Natural, delicate and volume effect 
4. A good procedure method if the person’s hair colour is naturally dark and hairs are thick 
*You can see the natural effect like your eyebrows at the beginning of the procedure. However, since there is a disadvantage that partial colour spots can occur due to the blurring of colours, it is recommended that you be treated by a practitioner who is experienced in the treatment. 


A feathering method following the hairlines for people with less eyebrow hair

Combination(Shadowing + Embroidery)

1. The shadowing technique give overall balance to the shape and uses the Embroidery technique to feather following the hairline for parts with less eyebrow hair. 
2. It is a method to that fives a natural yet three-dimensional volume feeling and stable colour feeling. 



BBPMC will provide you with the ideal semi-permanent make-up treatment, which can accurately diagnose your face shape and skin tone through counselling and recommend the appropriate treatment method to harmonise with your overall image to create an ideal semi-permanent makeup treatment.

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