What is Erroneous Procedure Correction?

It is a procedure that improves the eyebrows, eye lines, and lips that have been erroneously performed and is a procedure that requires a lot of time and effort. Once the wrong procedure is performed, it can be corrected only by repeating several procedures unlike the first procedure. Depending on the condition, laser treatment and Corrector Colour are performed in parallel. It is very important to choose the specialist through the consultation and verification with sufficient responsibility for the semi-permanent cosmetic specialist if you think that one wrong procedure can save time, effort, cost wastage and heartache.

Such people choose this


Case 1. Case of incorrect procedure of eyebrow.

The colours are extremely dark and there is an intense red tone.


Through several laser treatments, removal of the dark colours

and naturally feathering of eyebrows into a slightly thicker straight shape.


Case 2. Colours have blurred long since after being treated elsewhere.

Desire to change curved eyebrows into a shorter gentle straight shape.

Naturally feathering brows into a slightly thicker,

shorter, and straight shape than before.


Case 3. Colour of eye line has turned blue after a treatment long time ago.

Color has discolored to blue.

Through laser treatment,

elimination of discoloured eye line colour.


BBPMC will provide you with the ideal semi-permanent make-up treatment, which can accurately diagnose your face shape and skin tone through counselling and recommend the appropriate treatment method to harmonise with your overall image to create an ideal semi-permanent makeup treatment.

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