BB semi-permanent makeup clinic was first opened in Gangnam, Seoul in 2000, and became the first to create a website “semi-permanent makeup” and the first to create a business with semi-permanent makeup and therefore became the leader of the market.

The BBPMC Education Center has been established and many students have been produced. Today, many people are working in the semi-permanent cosmetic industry in Korea. BBPMC moved to Sydney, Australia in 2004 and is recognised as a semi-permanent makeup clinic that represents Korea in Sydney.

BBPMC, a semi-permanent makeup clinic with more than 17 years of tradition, is a pure semi-permanent makeup clinic specialising in eyebrows, eye line, lips and etc. Based on our long experience and outstanding treatment results, we use safe and proven pigment and machines, thorough hygiene management, putting customer safety first.


Excellent practice

know-how based on long experience and excellent results


Proven product

safe and proven pigment and machine use


Safe procedures

safe procedures where customer safety comes first



Thorough Hygiene Management

Balance is the basis of semi-permanent makeup. Successful eyebrows, Eye line and lips are that are designs suitable for the face shape and to adjust the balance. This motto, BB, means B – Beauty, B – Balance and we will find “Beautiful balance” containing the will of BB semi-permanent makeup-up clinic.

BBPMC also means “BB” which means Beauty and Balance and “PMC”, which stands for Permanent Makeup, Micro-pigmentation and Cosmetic Tattoo, which means semi-permanent makeup, and also shares the meaning of BB Permanent Makeup Clinic.


I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you who appreciated us by introducing us and evaluating us, and becoming our models regardless of your will. BB semi-permanent make-up clinic promises to provide customers with natural beauty full of self-confidence by researching and developing semi-permanent make-up technology and doing our best to provide customer service.

Thank you.